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Laboratory services

Our laboratory services are provided by HUS. Laboratory services include, for example, analysing blood, urine and cell samples and performing various kinds of testing. A laboratory test request form from your doctor or nurse is always required. 

There are numerous HUS laboratories in Uusimaa. You can visit any HUS laboratory, but please note that not all facilities offer the full range of laboratory services. You can also take your samples to any HUS laboratory anywhere in Uusimaa. 

How does it work?

Book an appointment 

Once you have received your laboratory test request form, book an appointment with your most convenient HUS laboratory by phone or online. HUS laboratories only see patients without an appointment if you have been given an urgent referral or if you are simply picking up or returning a specimen container. 

For more detailed instructions and information about specific laboratory services, please visit the HUS website. You can also call the HUS laboratories customer service for more information and advice. 

Points to bear in mind  

  • Always check well in advance whether you need to, for example, fast before your test or whether the sample needs to be taken at a specific time of day. 
  • Avoid smoking, consuming alcohol and strenuous physical exercise before your test. 
  • You will need to bring ID or your Kela card for identification purposes. 
  • You will get your results from the health care provider who referred you, and they will also appear in your MyKanta account. 

Who is it for?

You will need a laboratory test request form from your doctor or nurse.