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Data protection and requests for information

How we look after your privacy

Rights of the customer (data subject)

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you a number of rights. Your rights depend on the legal basis for processing your personal data. Keusote observes both the GDPR and the latest national laws on the processing of personal data.

Under the GDPR, the controller (Keusote) has an obligation to give you information about the way your personal data are used. You can request information about our processing activities as soon as we come into possession of your personal data.

Look for more information: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the the Council (

My documents


MyKanta is a national online database where individual citizens can access their prescriptions and patient history and print out a summary of their prescriptions.

You can also use MyKanta to give and withdraw consent and to block access to your records.

Look for more information: MyKanta pages (

Privacy and personal data processing

Look for more information: The Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman (

Requests for information

We have prepared a series of forms that you can use to request access to your personal health and social welfare records or to a loved one’s health and social welfare records, to ask for information from a personal data file or to request that a mistake be corrected. Once you have filled in the form, send it to our registry by post or bring it to our letterbox yourself. If you are seeking access to your own records, you can also make your request informally, by secure email.

Please always use our secure email service if you need to send us sensitive information or personal data. See below for instructions on how to send us secure email.

Once your documents are ready (you will receive a text message notification), you can pick them up from our registry or wait for us to send them to your registered address by post. We use recorded delivery whenever the documents concern an individual other than the person who made the request (if, for example, you have requested access to your child’s records). You will receive notification when your documents are ready for collection from the post office and you will need to bring ID.

Sending secure email

Keusote has a secure email service for sending sensitive information. Enter your own email address in the sender field and your four-digit identifier in the number field. Type in the recipient field. Type your message, attach any files you want to include and press send.

If you are seeking access to another person’s records, you will need authorisation from them in the form of, for example, a one-time power or attorney or a lasting power of attorney.

Parents generally have the right to access their children’s records until they reach the age of majority. However, we always check the guardianship status of the person making the request from the Population Information System before releasing information about a minor. If the request relates to a child over the age of 12 years, consent from the child is also required.

Contact information for our data protection team