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Communications and public relations

Keusote has a dedicated team of communications professionals who coordinate our public relations.

Keusote has a dedicated team of communications professionals who coordinate our public relations. Keusote’s public relations are coordinated by the Managing Director together with the Communications Manager and their team.

Keusote’s public relations policy is based on trustworthiness, proactiveness, interaction, dialogue, impartiality, speed, partnership and impact.

In addition to these key principles, we also prioritise the following: 

  • Empowerment – we want our message to inspire people to take action
  • Positivity – we want to share our positive attitude with others
  • Engagement – we want our communications to give people new ideas and work motivation
  • Teamwork – we believe in achieving more together

Media relations

Our communications professionals answer questions from the media and help journalists, for example, to find interesting people to interview. Official statements to the media are given by our Managing Director or the person in charge of the relevant unit, with the Managing Director’s authorisation.

If you are looking for someone to interview in our organisation, please contact our Communications Manager.

We regularly publish press releases in both local and national media. You can also follow us and subscribe to our press releases via the Finnish News Agency’s Newsroom (in Finnish).

The agendas and minutes of board and council meetings are published regionally.

Are you looking for pictures of Keusote?

We have a separate website at where we store and share our digital assets. Pictures of our executive management team can also be found there.

Most of the photographs and illustrations on the site can be freely used for journalistic purposes. The images cannot be used for commercial purposes or in misleading contexts, however. Please give credit for photographs as follows: Keusote / name of photographer (if the name of the photographer is given in the caption).

Any restricted images are clearly marked either in the description of the relevant folder or in the caption. Please contact Keusote’s communications department for permission before using restricted images. Enquiries relating to the use of images and requests for permission:

All local authorities