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Keusote targeted by a large-scale email-based phishing attempt: Phishing messages sent

The Wellbeing Services County of Central Uusimaa (Keusote) has been targeted by a large-scale email-based phishing attempt to hack into the user accounts of our staff. This was noticed on the morning of 17 October 2023.

New phishing messages have continued to be sent from the compromised accounts, both to staff and outside the organisation. Among the mailings sent on behalf of Keusote employees are messages under the heading “Opintojen eteneminen” (progress of studies). The links will take you to the Proton Drive website.

Under no circumstances should suspicious messages be opened and they should be deleted immediately

Keusote will never ask its customers for their computer usernames, bank details or other personal information. Do not open links in suspicious emails sent in the name of Keusote employees, or enter your own information at the unknown sites behind the links.

Protective countermeasures were immediately put in place, thanks to the rapid response of the staff. Cooperation has been established with the IT department, Keusote’s ICT service providers and public authorities.