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Updated at 16:37: The danger is now over

Updated on 27/09/2023 at 16:37:

The hazardous material accident in Jokela, Tuusula is now over. The danger has passed. Toxic material leak is over, and the situation no longer causes a danger. The roads have been reopened for traffic.

Updated on 27/09/2023 at 15:45:

The hazardous material leak has been contained. Kolsa daycare center and school will continue to operate normally on Thursday, September 28th.

The department of emergency services will continue their operations in the area for approximately two more hours. After that they will proceed into decontaminating the soil.

Previous announcement:

Hydrochloric acid has leaked into the air from a truck in Konsultie Tuusula today 27.9.2023. The fumes of the toxic gas has spread to the nearby areas towards North. The department of emergency services is conducting preventive actions at the moment.

The residents of Tuusula are recommended to stay inside and turn off their airconditioning devices. Please wait for confirmation that the danger has passed.

Please avoid the danger area until it has been announced that the danger is over. The danger areas include Kolsa and Takoja of Tuusula. The nearby schools and daycare centers have been informed about the situation.